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Git - Unignore a subfolder

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Today I found somethings new to unignore a subfolder in git.

I have a git folder with this structure:

├── Personal
└── Work
    ├── project1
    │   ├── docs
    │   │   └──
    │   └──
    └── project2

and now, I want to unignore Work/project1/docs/ only. (every files and other subfolders in Work still be ignore). So, what should I do?

In .gitignore file, I tried some rules like that:

# 1

# 2

or swap those lines. But it doesn’t work.

After searching, I found 2 interesting things:

  1. You have to “unignore” every parent directory of anything that you want to “unignore”: Ignore everything in this directory, but not some certain subdirectory.

  1. The trailing /* is significant.

    • If you write Work/ in gitignore, git will understand that you want to:

      • Ignore Work folder itself
      • Ignore everything in Work folder.

      => If you write unignore rule below (eg: !Work/project1), git will do nothing, cause it never looks at Work folder, so it can not apply unignore rule to any subfolders

    • If you write Work/* in gitignore, git will understand that you want to:

      • Keep folder Work
      • Ignore everything in Work folder.

      => Git can apply unignore rule to subfolders cause I can look at Work - parent dir.


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