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Rspec - Set format json for request

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If I want to test API POST /users, I usually setup rspec code like that:

context "when we create user success" do
  let(:params) do
      name: "User A",
      age: 28

  before { post :create, params: params }

  it "should create new user" do
    # expect come here

It’s OK, and I could save user to DB.

However, we have problem. If you want to validate params[:age] > 20, in controller, when I call:

params[:age] # => "28", instead of 28

cause Rspec auto convert number to string when it pass params to the controller.

So, to fix this, you need to tell RSpec that you will use format: :json, so it will not treat integer varialbes as string.


# Solution 1
before { post :create, params: params, format: :json }

# Solution 2
before { post :create, params: params, as: :json }

# Solution 3
before do
  request.headers["CONTENT_TYPE"] = "application/json"


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