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Copy protected content from Google doc

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Today I learned how to copy text from a Google Doc in a simplified view by changing the URL and disabling JavaScript. Here’s the process:

  1. Change the end of the document URL from /edit to /mobilebasic.
  2. Disable JavaScript:
    • Click the Site settings icon to the left of the URL.
    • Select “Site settings.”
    • Under “Permissions,” change “Javascript” to “Block.”
  3. Go back to the tab with your document and reload the page.
  4. Select all text in your document using Ctrl+A.
  5. Copy the selection with Ctrl+C.
  6. Open a new document and paste the text using Ctrl+V.
  7. Re-enable JavaScript:
    • Repeat Step 2 above.
    • For Step 2.3, change “Javascript” back to “Allow” (default).

This trick can be used for Google Sheet too.


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