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Git - Git Hooks

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Git hooks are scripts that run prior the certain events like commit, push, rebase, …

You can check the example of hooks in the folder: .git/hooks

cd .git/hooks

# Output
1. applypatch-msg.sample
2. commit-msg.sample
3. post-update.sample
4. pre-applypatch.sample
5. pre-commit.sample
6. pre-push.sample
7. pre-rebase.sample
8. pre-recieve.sample
9. prepare-commit-msg.sample

So, you can custom those files with your own logic.

For example:

vim pre-commit

and put this content:

#! /bin/sh

git diff --cached --diff-filter=AM | grep -q "binding.pry"
if [ $? -eq 0 ]
  echo "Binding.pry detected. Please remove it and recommit."
  exit 1

You can do more with your idea, for example: Run test, lint,… before push :D If you don’t want to use shell script, just write it using ruby by change line #! /bin/sh to #! /usr/bin/ruby and write code in Ruby

Global Hooks

You can create hooks just as above but which apply to all your git repo by designating a directory that contains all such global hooks, using git config like so:

git config --global core.hooksPath /path/to/global/hooks

Ref: Read more here:

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